How to promote labour market establishment and career development for immigrants, senior workers and youth with no higher education? This is the focus of a new European research collaboration between Oxford Research and the Institute for Employment Studies in London, financed by JP Morgan Chase Foundation.

The Progression in Employment project will be conducted on a European level comparing policies in Sweden, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France. The project has a practical- and solution-oriented approach where Oxford Research is responsible for analysing Swedish policies as well as to conduct case studies on good-practice examples among Swedish employers. Special attention will be devoted to sectors where there are challenges in acquiring the competence needed such as health- and social care, commerce and tourism.

The study will contribute by identifying effective and promising employer practices in enabling low-income people, particularly those aged 16-26, over 50 and/or from migrant backgrounds including intra-EU migrants, to achieve career progression in the retail, social care, care and hospitality sectors, and to promote these findings primarily to employers but also to policymakers.

A complete project description can be found here.

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