On 30 November 2017, Oxford Research's Senior Analyst Bradford Rohmer lead a seminar in Barcelona for the European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA). The seminar is a part of an offer by Oxford Research for EU officials to improve their skills in theory-based evaluation techniques and methods.

On 30 November 2017, the European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA) hosted a seminar on Capacity Building in Impact Evaluation: Counterfactual and Theory-Based Approaches. The need to show value for money and to make policies more effective mean that basic evaluation skills are more important than ever for public officials. Oxford Research is helping to build such skills through its on-going work with the European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA).

Oxford Research was represented at the EIPA seminar by Senior Analyst Bradford Rohmer, who led a lecture on different evaluation orientations and theory-based evaluation. The seminar also featured Professor Stephen Morris of the Policy Evaluation Research Unit of Manchester Metropolitan University (who taught modules on randomised control trials and counterfactual impact evaluation) and aimed at building the capacity of 17 participants from the European institutions and national authorities of several EU Member States.

Our work with EIPA will continue into 2018, with tailored evaluation seminar scheduled in January for staff of the European Environmental Agency in Copenhagen.

For any query related to these seminars, contact Bradford directly at bradford.rohmer@oxfordresearch.se or +46 (0)72 732 89 13.