Oxford Research is a specialized knowledge company focusing on the areas of industrial and regional development and welfare.

Oxford Research has over 20 years of experience of projects at the municipal, regional, national, Nordic and European level. We have offices in Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Norway and Sweden. In Brussels we have a representation office. Overall, Oxford Research has over 60 employees.

Our core competencies are regional and business development, cluster development and innovation as well as welfare and labour market issues. Our strength is that we have extensive experience in projects in the Nordic countries and the EU. Oxford Research is a dynamic organization where a multidisciplinary constellation of employees with different core competencies are working closely together, and new teams are usually formed before each mission to ensure that it has the necessary skills. In order to strengthen and preserve our Nordic profile, we always make sure to communicate internally in the Scandinavian languages.

In Sweden, Oxford Research primarily works with actors in the public and non-profit sector. Our clients include the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Swedish Equality Ombudsman (DO), Swedish Thematic group on equality, Vinnova, Invest in Sweden Agency, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the European Commission and the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, amongst other.

Oxford Research monitors and analyses changes and trends in society, and work to process these into concrete tools for our customers. We combine research-based methods, both quantitative and qualitative, with a creative idea development. We combine the latest research in the social sciences, with a very deep strategic understanding of the current social development, and well-developed communication to convey our findings to the client.


Knowledge for a better society.


Oxford Research is continuously looking for talented and committed new people, at all levels, who want to work with our focus areas and who share our values.

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