Oxford Research Sweden has once again won the tender for the framework contract as National Correspondent to the European Agency for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound). The assignment for the Swedish office entails correspondence for both Sweden and Finland, while Oxford Research's Danish office will continue as the correspondent for Denmark.

Oxford Research has had the role of National Correspondent to Eurofound for Denmark since 2003, for Sweden since 2006 and for Finland since 2014. The tasks as correspondent include reporting on working conditions, industrial relations and labour- and social policy in the correspondent country. The purpose of the Eurofound correspondent network is to:

  • Offer national expertise
  • Guarantee access to qualitative and updated data
  • Contribute to comparative and thematic European analyses
  • Assist in Eurofound’s communication with relevant national parties.

On a yearly basis, Oxford Research contributes to approximately 15 reports on different subjects – from analyses on the representation of the social partners on the labour market – to mappings of the digitalisation of social services. Oxford Research is furthermore in charge of updating Eurofound’s database on restructuring which includes legislation, supporting instruments and restructuring cases in all countries.