Oxford Research has been commissioned to evaluate Tourism in Skåne´s effort to implement the regional initiative Collaborative Tourism 2020. The task includes measuring how the given goals and results have been met.

In 2012, Tourism in Skåne presented an initiative called Collaborative Tourism 2020, which aims to create a common strategy within the tourism sector in the region of Skåne. The overarching goal of the initiative is to have strengthened business and products within the regional tourism sector, in line with the long-term goal of making Skåne one of the two most popular tourist destinations in Sweden.

Oxford Research has been tasked to evaluate different strategies within the initiative, including how ongoing processes and project initiatives correlate to said goals and results. The evaluation will continue until May 2019 and will eventually lead to a report that presents recommendations for further initiatives beyond 2020.

The evaluation will be conducted through an extensive document analysis of action plans, a survey to all tourism and business managers in Skåne and, lastly, through semi-structured interviews with over 40 actors at the local, regional and national level, with an insight into the tourism industry in Skåne and in Sweden.