Oxford Research has been commissioned by the Swedish Agency for Public Management to evaluate the Swedish state’s support for the development of public meals.

The assignment entails an evaluation of how a national skills centre for public meals within education, health and social care run by the Swedish Food Agency had performed since its inception in 2011. The national skills centre provides advice and develops supporting materials, collaborates with other national authorities and organisations concerned with public meals, compiles and disseminates good examples, and organises industry days and other meeting platforms for the public meal sector’s stakeholders and decision makers. The centre’s main focal areas have varied since it was initiated, both thematically and in terms of target groups.

The evaluation that Oxford Research will undertake primarily concerns the results and impact that the centre had achieved and contributed to, how effectively the centre has made use of its resources, how the centre’s mission is aligned with other government goals and strategies such as Agenda 2030, and the relevance and added value of the centre to its main target groups and collaborators.

The evaluation will be carried out through combined methods of desk research, a survey to municipalities, and telephone interviews with internal actors and external stakeholders. In addition, Oxford Research will evaluate the indicators currently used to monitor the centre and provide suggestions for improvement. The final report will be delivered to the client in February 2020, to be presented to the government shortly thereafter.