Oxford Research has been assigned to map the venture capital structures in Region Örebro län and Västmanlands län. Both counties are in the process of intensifying their work on securing the capital supply to innovative ventures in their respective county. The analysis will ultimately answer two questions:

  • How should the regional capital supply structure in the two counties be strengthened in order to best support the growth and development ambitions in the counties over the coming years?
  • What specific efforts should be prioritised to achieve this?

The mapping will form part of the basis for the development of regional development strategies for Region Örebro län and Västmanland län in 2019 and for the reporting of the current development strategies. The mapping will also provide the basis for the counties to submit their comments to the design of Almi Invest Östra Mellansverige for the next programme period.

To answer the above-stated questions, Oxford Research will conduct a three-pronged analysis which consists of a supply analysis, a demand analysis and a systems analysis. Desk-research, in-depth interviews, workshops and mini-surveys make up the data collection methods that will be used.

A final report will be delivered in March 2019.