On behalf of the European Commission and the Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD), Oxford Research will evaluate two programmes: Fiscalis 2020 and Customs 2020. The European customs union entails common rules for border controls and collection of customs fees for the member states, whereas the tax policy, is first and foremost national, with a degree of coordination and harmonisation to avoid fraud and tax avoidance within the inner market of the EU.

Despite the differences between the two programmes, they have in common that they finance activities that help the national authorities in collaborating, sharing information and developing common processes and methods. The idea behind these efforts is that close collaboration and trust between the national authorities of the Member States is a pre-condition for success within the policy areas.

Oxford Research’s method for these evaluations will entail an initial compilation of activity output, followed by more thorough studies in order to get an idea of the importance the programmes for the national authorities involved. The second phase of the evaluation will include desk research and surveys, as well as a number of thematic case studies on how the activity output of the programmes are being used.

Oxford Research will lead the evaluations, in collaboration with our London-based partner Coffey. During each evaluation process, there will be a council of three experts to give on-going advice and support.

Economisti Associati, the holder of the framework contract with DG TAXUD, is responsible for quality assurance.