Oxford Research together with IPSOS have been commissioned by the Directorate General for Taxation and Customs to conduct a study on the implementation of the EU Strategy and Action plan for Customs Risk Management. The study will feed into the Commission’s final progress report to the European Council and support Member States in their implementation and monitoring of the Strategy.

Following the introduction of risk management in the EU legal framework in 2005, the European Commission adopted a Communication on the EU Strategy and Action Plan for customs risk management. The Strategy embodies seven key objectives underpinned by the overall aim of “reaching a high-quality, multi-layered approach to risk management which is effective and efficient”. Linked to the Strategy’s implementation is an Action Plan consisting of 22 actions and 54 sub-actions.

The purpose of the study that Oxford Research will conduct is twofold:

  • To provide the evidence needed for the Commission’s third and final Progress Report on the implementation of the Customs Strategy.
  • To validate and develop a proposal for an efficient reporting mechanism to measure the impact of outcomes and results of specific actions deriving from the Strategy.

The study will be divided into three tasks:

  • To conduct a survey with relevant national authorities in all Member States, to be supplemented by interviews with a sample of Member States and a document review.
  • To compile and analyse data for each of the Strategy’s objectives, actions and sub-actions.
  • To develop a fully operational performance and monitoring framework for the Strategy.

The study’s main delivery will be a final report package consisting of material for the Commission’s third Progress Report and a performance and monitoring framework. In addition, conclusions and recommendations on the way forward will be presented. The final report package will be delivered to the Commission in June 2020.