Oxford Research has been carrying out an ‘Inter Nordic mapping of good practice and effects of gender mainstreaming at selected public authorities’ for the Danish Ministry of Children, Gender Quality, Integration and Social Affairs and the Nordic Councils of Minister.

The study contains an analysis of municipalities’ and governmental authorities’ use of gender mainstreaming in Denmark, Finland, Island, Norway and Sweden. The analysis of municipality level is based on 21 good practice examples of gender mainstreaming of core services in Nordic municipalities, whereas the analysis on governmental level is based on 11 good practice examples and a survey among the Nordic ministries.

The first study shows that municipalities achieve both results and effects when applying gender mainstreaming. Moreover, the municipalities may achieve results in the form of increased core service quality, resource optimisation and changes in attitude and behaviour. The study also shows that these results lead to greater gender equality (effect).

The second study shows that governmental authorities can achieve results in the form of increased core service quality and equal opportunities for citizens, which has an effect in the form of increased gender equality if they conduct gender mainstreaming in connection with their work.

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