Eurofound’s representativeness studies allow the European Commission to identify the relevant parties to consult for the European sectoral social dialogue. During the autumn of 2019, Oxford Research contributed to Eurofound’s study on the representativeness of the actors involved in the sectoral social dialogue for the private security sector.

The European social dialogue for the private security sector was initiated in 1992 on an informal basis and took the shape of a formal European sector social dialogue committee in 1999.

The purpose of the study was to identify the relevant national and supranational social partners (the trade unions and employer organisations) in the private security sector and show how they relate to the sector’s European-level organisations representing employees and employers. Their relative representativeness legitimises their right to be consulted, their role and effective participation in the European sectoral social dialogue and their capacity to negotiate agreements.

Quantitative data were collected from official statistics and representative survey studies, administrative data, such as membership figures provided by the respective organisations and lastly, estimates, expert opinions and assessments made by Eurofound national correspondents or representatives of the respective organisations.

The final report of the study, which can be downloaded on the right, is divided into the following three parts:

  1. An overview of the economic specificities and the employment trends in the private security sector
  2. An analysis of the social partner organisations in all 28 EU Member States
  3. An analysis of the relevant European organisations, in particular their membership composition and capacity to negotiate

The report concludes that the Confederation of European Security Services (CoESS), representing employers, and UNI Europa Private Security (UNI Europa), representing employees, are the most representative European-level social partner organisations in the private security sector. According to the report, both CoESS and UNI Europa have proved their capacity to negotiate on behalf of its members and to participate in and contribute effectively to the European sectoral social dialogue. UNI Europa is also the only sector-related organisation at the European level with sector-related trade unions affiliated.

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