An evaluation can help partly to show what results and effects an effort has had, and partly to create learning for your future decisions and efforts. There are many different definitions of what evaluation is, but in common, an evaluation should consist of a systematic and objective assessment, and often involves evaluating the effort, for example in relation to set goals. What kind of evaluation is applied depends on the phase in which the evaluation is evaluated, and how your knowledge needs look like. We always make customized designs tailored to your needs.

We are very experienced in learning evaluation (follow-up research), a method where we follow a project for a long time in order to restore knowledge and improve the process during the course of work. The evaluator’s role is to collect data to measure effects and partly to act as process support through reconciliation and learning seminars. Oxford Research also conducts impact assessments where we often combine different qualitative and quantitative methods such as questionnaires, interviews, focus groups and statistical analysis.

Whatever kind of evaluation we perform, our focus is always on creating usefulness for the recipient by developing well-founded decision-making.