Sandy Brinck

Chief Analyst

+45 28 10 08 36
Sandy Brinck has a unique analytical profile formed by a master in political science, six years of experience as a Member of Parliament and experience in consultancy as senior analyst since 2010. Her background serves as a solid foundation for seeing the connections between policies, implementation, stakeholder perspectives, assessment of effects and herby creating a solid ground for decision making whether it is as a project holder or as politicians local and national. In Oxford Research Sandy has conducted several studies about vocational education and training as well as the relations between education and social inclusion and/or citizenship. Sandy has likewise conducted several studies about health and safety in working life and evaluated both implementation of regulation as well as specific measures and tools to create better working conditions. Furthermore Sandy has been central in developing hands-on-guides to processing implementations in a healthy manner. As special area for Sandy in vulnerable children and including these children as sources in evaluations of efforts to help them. Sandy primarily do evaluations and mainly by using both quantitative and qualitative methods. She has a profound analytical view and communicates the analytical points in account of the specific audience.