Oxford Research has been commissioned to evaluate the first phase of the Education for Tomorrow programme, a Nordic research programme in the area of educational research. The evaluation consisted of analysing the academic and societal impact of the Programme, to describe the methods used for communication and dissemination and to study the Nordic added value and the consideration of gender aspects within the Programme.

Oxford Research has been commissioned by NordForsk, an organisation under the Nordic Council of Ministers, to evaluate the first phase of the Education for Tomorrow programme. The Education for Tomorrow programme is a Nordic initiative to promote educational research by building capacity and to strengthen collaboration between Nordic research actors. The Programme includes JustEd, a research network based at the University of Helsinki, five large-scale interdisciplinary research projects, one sub-project, three small-scale projects covering cross-cutting themes and issues as well as five spin-off projects aimed at enhancing end-user relevance.

The evaluation will be conducted as a programme evaluation using the OECD/DAC evaluation criteria and a conceptual framework for research capacity building (RCB) and sequences of impact (SOI). The methodology combines document studies, bibliometrics with a network analysis and semi-structured interviews with relevant actors.

The evaluation will deliver an inception report in March 2019 and a final evaluation report in September 2019 that will be presented twice for NordForsk and the programme steering committee.

Project manager for the evaluation is Anders Fredriksson, anders.fredriksson@oxfordresearch.se, (+46) 702 09 04 32