Progression in Employment is a European research collaboration between the Institute for Employment Studies in London and national partners in six European countries. The project is financed by a grant from the JP Morgan Chase Foundation.

The purpose of the grant is to identify effective and promising employer practice in enabling low-income people, particularly those aged 16-26, over 50 and/or from migrant backgrounds including intra-EU migrants, to achieve career progression in the retail, social care, care and hospitality sectors and to promote these findings primarily to employers but also to policymakers.

Oxford Research is responsible for analysing Swedish policies as well as to conduct case studies on good-practice examples among Swedish employers. Parallel studies will be carried out in Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

The project will address three main research questions

  1. What does effective and promising practice look like to improve labour market entry and career progression prospects for these groups?
  2. How can the role of employers be incentivised?
  3. What is the role of labour market intermediaries?

All in all, the project includes four stages

  1. Literature review and stakeholder interviews;
  2. an analysis of three European datasets;
  3. a series of three employer focussed case studies in each country (18 case studies in total) and;
  4. the dissemination/communication strand.